From the beginning 

Turquoise T-Rex has always been a labor of love, and of the frustration of trying to provide for my children, while also being home with them. Childcare is terribly expensive in the U.S., and I wanted their childhoods to be filled with memories of us being together. 

In 2008 I started experimenting with bottlecaps I had collected and resin. If you think working with bottlecaps is easy… think again! There is so much that goes into making sure the cap is prepared and cleaned for usage, preparing and pouring resin, waiting for it to cure, fighting air bubbles and accidental spills. It’s a lot! I stuck with it for a while and had the support of a good friend (who still does amazing bottle cap jewelry Bombshell Kitty) to keep me going! I very quickly ventured into beading, and have since left my days of bottlecaps and resin behind. 

Back then my company was known as Splendid Owl. I had no idea what I was doing (some days I still feel that way!) and I did not put much effort into my business. It quickly fizzled out. Luckily I had friends who are in the local art scene and they invited me to vend at their gallery. Small steps in the right direction! 

In the summer of 2015 I found myself traveling the west coast with my partner. We landed in San Francisco where we stumbled upon the Crucible. The world of metalsmithing had opened its arms to me. I was hooked! So many ideas! So much inspiration! 

I still cling to my original ideology of reusing, and upcycling, as much as possible. I break down vintage jewelry, include found objects, search beaches for sea glass, and buy crystals from local, small businesses where ever I travel. It is important to me to try to treat the earth with as much love as possible.  My name then became Turquoise T-Rex. I tell people it’s my favorite color and favorite dinosaur, which is true. 

Welcome to my page! 


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