Meet the Maker: Hot Fox Jewelry Co!

When I first ventured into the world of being a maker, one of the first things I realized, was that I wanted to be supportive of other makers. I have made it a mission to promote my friends whenever possible, and so the idea of featuring my friends in my blog was born!

My first feature, is my friend Rory’s business Hot Fox Jewelry Co. Rory started making jewelry as a pre-teen when a friend of her mother’s gifted her a large box of materials after discovering she liked to make dioramas. She would then gift the jewelry she made, but then took a break from making jewelry during her teen years.


When she had her daughter, the call to pick up her craft came again in order to make her own pieces to wear so she could save money.

“Really, that was the beginning because I was a waitress and people would ask where I bought my jewelry and I’d tell them I made them. I started to do custom pieces for people. Initially I had an etsy shop called Black Cherry and sold items through there. Around 2010 I started to get my pieces into stores in Victoria, BC and was doing pretty well. Then I moved out to the wild country and stopped for a few years completely. I just started back last year as Hot Fox Jewelry Co.”


Image of her instagram feed

As a child, her mother had massive amounts of jewelry. She would sneak in and try them on. Her influence is heavy in Rory’s work. Her mother’s best friend made custom leather purses and belts, and would let Rory hang out while she worked. Other things that have inspired this glorious maker are the work of Renee Lalique, nature and wildlife, and the occult. One of my favorite pieces of hers was a beautiful necklace of strung wooden beads, featuring an evil eye amulet and quartz crystal points. In fact, the first piece I purchased from her was a hand panted leather necklace with an evil eye charm.

Much like myself, Rory does not plan anything when she sets out to create. She gathers her supplies, spreads them out, and let’s inspiration take hold. Ideas grab hold of her until she makes them, which is a feeling I know well! I have spent many nights staring at the ceiling, haunted by a design I HAVE to make! but at the end of the day, she makes things she would wear, and they are all simple, and beautiful!

My second purchase from her was a design that literally haunted my dreams. As soon as she posted it, I knew I had to have it! I had dreams about it. I was obsessed with owning this piece… and thank goodness I was able to snag it before anyone else! I laugh at how badly I wanted this… but just look at it!!! So glad this lovely piece is mine forever!


I am blessed to call her friend! Her work is so inspiring, I hope that we are all inspired by each other, continuously!!! Makers gonna make! And lift each other up!

Rory’s business can be found on Facebook and instagram 

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