Here comes the rain again

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so today we did all the big things that needed to be done. Mostly this meant waiting around for things to happen… the shop assistants grew restless, and tired of having to “be patient”


She was over my shenanigans

We finished up the errands, and meandered on home… where I struggled to parallel park my van. Oh, San Francisco parking… I love to hate you. Haha!

Once we were parked, I made lunch for the now starving assistants, and shut myself away to work for a bit. Magic happened!


petrified wooden slices from Madagascar, and amethyst druzy chunk

All three are available in my shop right now – Turquoise T-Rex, where I am also having a huge summer sale to move inventory! Spend $25, and code “supersale17” gets you 40% off! This kind of deal is pretty darn amazing! I will be adding to the shop over the next week, so keep an eye open for new items every day!

For now? I am off to tuck the shop assistants into bed. They had a long day.



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