Hello again!

I know, I know! It’s been a long time since I last updated! Apologies!

Halloween is right around the corner, and we are currently in Los Angeles, Hollywood to be exact! We are coming up on our last three weeks here before the shop assistant and I head back to Texas for some down time, packing, and slinging jewelry at holiday fairs. Here are some highlights from the past few weeks…


As per usual, I have been haunting the local thrift stores. So far Hollywood is NOT the goldmine for vintage pyrex that San Francisco was. I only picked up one Corning Ware wildflower print casserole dish (my first find with its lid!) and a milk glass Glasbake mixing bowl.  I did, however, manage to find a lot of other thrift items that made me happy! Rust colored flats, a suede satchel, a Beth Meuller witch mug, and various maxi skirts.


And I have been banging out some awesome copper jewelry! Prepping for the upcoming holiday season has me nonstop thinking of new designs! I can’t wait to upload them all to the site! Head on over to my etsy and enjoy 50% off in honor of Halloween!


Full Moon Update

“There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls”

-George Carlin 

Last night was the full moon, it was a night of magic, setting intentions, and meditation. The evening was all about self care. I started the night with the rose moon bath bomb from the Summer spell box handmade over at Witch Baby Soap. Afterwards, I started a ritual known as 55×5, basically setting intentions by writing them out fifty five times for five days. Mind over matter. It works for me!

Today we again ventured over to the Scarlet Sage Herb Co., where i sampled their delicious “scarlet” tea (which was delicious!!) and purchased two amethyst chunks to make into necklaces because I have SOLD OUT of them! *throws confetti* It always makes my day when people love the items I make


Afterwards, the shop assistants and I wandered down the way to get some ice cream, but the shop was closed for another thirty minutes…. so I drug them to the thrift store… which they also love, where I found some pretty great items! A vintage glasbake bowl, a corningware dish with a detachable handle, and a milk glass soapdish from Avon shaped like an owl!


The whole premise of my company is to repurpose, and reuse as much as possible. Sure I make my own findings, but I use a lot of things like sea glass, vintage beads and jewelry that has been broken, and rocks from various sources. It means so much to me to waste nothing. The majority of my set up was handmade from scraps by my partner in his garage. He used old fence panels, scraps from people remodeling their houses, and who even knows what to make my tables and sign. I have also used a lot of vintage glassware my dad owns in my display. These days I am using a ton of driftwood as well!

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Overall, this full moon has been fantastic! Tonight I do homework, study, and upload more items to the store! Don’t forget my etsy sale! Spend $25, and use code “supersale17” for 40% off your entire order! Find me here: Turquoise T-Rex


Here comes the rain again

Tomorrow it is supposed to rain, so today we did all the big things that needed to be done. Mostly this meant waiting around for things to happen… the shop assistants grew restless, and tired of having to “be patient”


She was over my shenanigans

We finished up the errands, and meandered on home… where I struggled to parallel park my van. Oh, San Francisco parking… I love to hate you. Haha!

Once we were parked, I made lunch for the now starving assistants, and shut myself away to work for a bit. Magic happened!


petrified wooden slices from Madagascar, and amethyst druzy chunk

All three are available in my shop right now – Turquoise T-Rex, where I am also having a huge summer sale to move inventory! Spend $25, and code “supersale17” gets you 40% off! This kind of deal is pretty darn amazing! I will be adding to the shop over the next week, so keep an eye open for new items every day!

For now? I am off to tuck the shop assistants into bed. They had a long day.


Meet the Maker: Hot Fox Jewelry Co!

When I first ventured into the world of being a maker, one of the first things I realized, was that I wanted to be supportive of other makers. I have made it a mission to promote my friends whenever possible, and so the idea of featuring my friends in my blog was born!

My first feature, is my friend Rory’s business Hot Fox Jewelry Co. Rory started making jewelry as a pre-teen when a friend of her mother’s gifted her a large box of materials after discovering she liked to make dioramas. She would then gift the jewelry she made, but then took a break from making jewelry during her teen years.


When she had her daughter, the call to pick up her craft came again in order to make her own pieces to wear so she could save money.

“Really, that was the beginning because I was a waitress and people would ask where I bought my jewelry and I’d tell them I made them. I started to do custom pieces for people. Initially I had an etsy shop called Black Cherry and sold items through there. Around 2010 I started to get my pieces into stores in Victoria, BC and was doing pretty well. Then I moved out to the wild country and stopped for a few years completely. I just started back last year as Hot Fox Jewelry Co.”


Image of her instagram feed

As a child, her mother had massive amounts of jewelry. She would sneak in and try them on. Her influence is heavy in Rory’s work. Her mother’s best friend made custom leather purses and belts, and would let Rory hang out while she worked. Other things that have inspired this glorious maker are the work of Renee Lalique, nature and wildlife, and the occult. One of my favorite pieces of hers was a beautiful necklace of strung wooden beads, featuring an evil eye amulet and quartz crystal points. In fact, the first piece I purchased from her was a hand panted leather necklace with an evil eye charm.

Much like myself, Rory does not plan anything when she sets out to create. She gathers her supplies, spreads them out, and let’s inspiration take hold. Ideas grab hold of her until she makes them, which is a feeling I know well! I have spent many nights staring at the ceiling, haunted by a design I HAVE to make! but at the end of the day, she makes things she would wear, and they are all simple, and beautiful!

My second purchase from her was a design that literally haunted my dreams. As soon as she posted it, I knew I had to have it! I had dreams about it. I was obsessed with owning this piece… and thank goodness I was able to snag it before anyone else! I laugh at how badly I wanted this… but just look at it!!! So glad this lovely piece is mine forever!


I am blessed to call her friend! Her work is so inspiring, I hope that we are all inspired by each other, continuously!!! Makers gonna make! And lift each other up!

Rory’s business can be found on Facebook and instagram 

Hello from sunny San Francisco!

Apologies for the long break in writing! Life and business have been busy, busy, busy! In August, I enrolled back into college! It had been thirteen years since I last was in the classroom! Luckily, I am able to do all of my course work virtually, which allows me to continue to travel with my little family. But, fear not! I have been busy creating many new treasures since I last updated! Check out my shop!

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Copper, brass, and raw gemstones are the current spotlight in my work. I love making minimal, and stunning, pieces. Things that can be worn day to day. My personal favorites at the moment, are the art nouveau brass hoop earrings I just started making. Simple, yet elegant!

On one last note, in honor of mother’s day, I am having a 30% off sale! Use coupon code “happymothersday” at checkout!

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!!!